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Beatcoin, the music box with micropayments in Bitcoins


Nowadays listening to music online is almost by definition something social, with users more than used to sharing their music and making lists for others to listen to. Under the same premise but with a different touch to what jukebox in old bars we read about Beatcoin (, a project presented at the Disrupt Europe Hackathon in which a jukebox through micropayments with Bitcoins.

The basic operation: that every user in any bar or establishment turns their phone into a music box with which to choose the song that sounds paying Bitcoins, making the payment from the same phone. To start, we would of course have to install the application on our Android or iPhone mobile. By connecting the device to a music system, anyone in this context can see on a website what is playing and what is most popular.

Users, of course, will be able to access their virtual wallets with Bitcoins and vote for the songs to play. The user can do it without having to have the app installed (the installation will only be necessary for the bartender or manager of the premises) and they can vote for the song for approximately 0.0001 Bitcoins – after all, it focuses on micropayments.

We like the idea, so we hope that from hackathon to hackathon the project will move forward and we will see it soon available in stores.