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Be careful with the extensions you install, they can hack your Facebook and YouTube

Be careful with the extensions you install, they can hack your Facebook and YouTube

Be careful with the extensions you install, they can hack your Facebook and YouTube

We must be very careful with the extensions that turn our computer into a zombie, as they may be using it to benefit economically.

Have you never come across the typical Saldame comment in the next video on any YT video that has just 100 views? In most cases they are performed by what are known as beads zombies. Not only can they comment on YouTube, but they can also like us on Facebook or even share things. This has been reported by some users who have discovered suspicious activity from their own computer.

They generally come from computers that have installed an extension that exploits a vulnerability that some web browsers have. Although it may seem harmless, with a simple extension for the web browser we can be jeopardizing our identity and our security.

Think that web browser extensions have the necessary permissions to be able to do almost anything. They can even read everything that we are doing. In other words, they can even intercept our WhatsApp Web conversations. For this reason, it is totally inadvisable to install any application that works on WhatsApp, Telegram, or even Facebook.

Tips to avoid zombie extensions


A very easy way to check if we are infected or not, is check our activity history on both YouTube and Facebook, which are the two most used websites in this type of hacking. If we see that there are comments or I like that we have not made, we will have to take a look at all those extensions that we have installed to see what is the suspect. It is recommended, even after uninstalling the extension, to change the password, if necessary.

  • First of all, avoid installing suspicious extensions. That is, extensions that are not from prominent developers such as Google, Facebook or others like that.
  • An extension to hack your ex’s Facebook? Not kidding, don’t even think about installing it, because apart from being able to become a computer zombie, it may steal your Facebook data. Miracles don’t exist, and to hack Someone’s Facebook is nothing more than that, a miracle, because it is not possible. The same with any other extension that promises things that are not possible.
  • Extensions that do illegal things. There are many that allow us to increase, for example, YouTube income through false reproductions. Avoid them, because apart from they can close your YouTube channel (you are scamming), you are making other YT channels shine at your expense.

On the other hand, we have to take into account that this type of malware not always act just install it. The normal thing is that you leave a reasonable time from when we install it until it starts working (so that we do not suspect and uninstall it). We have to take this into account when trying to suspect any extension.