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BDigital, second day, talking about mobile marketing strategies

We continue with the fourth edition of BDigital Apps (, where on their second day they discussed marketing strategies and Retail and Lifestyle success stories.

Caprabo, Cinesa, Sonar and Territorio Creativo have shown innovative applications and some successful strategies, indicating, among other things, that 1 in 3 users consult the mobile phone before asking store workers about any product or service.

On the strategies to follow, they report:

[…] Mobile advertising has increased 75% this year. In mobile marketing it is important to find the 20% of the most profitable target audience, the one that generates 80% of our billing; This 20% is very demanding and it is essential to know him thoroughly to satisfy his needs, personalizing offers, if necessary, and integrating them naturally into applications.

The association IAB Spain has shown data on its V Annual Mobile Marketing Study:

– Smartphones already have 80% penetration in our country, thus being the leader in Europe. – 86% of users connect to the Internet every day using their mobile phone. – 71% of Internet users do so through apps, predominantly those of messaging, email and social networks. – 35% of Spanish users have already paid for a service or product through mobile applications

Fabian Hemmert, researcher at the Design Research Lab, an expert in mobile communication, spoke about new ways of interacting with technology from the senses. He works as a prototype maker of mobile phones based on haptic feedback, science that studies the behavior of contact and sensations.

Tomorrow we will continue talking about the event, on its third and last day.