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BDigital begins the first day talking about apps about health and usability


The first day of the 4 BDigital Apps ( talking about the importance of knowing the user, streamlining testing and ensuring the quality of an application in its development. Organized by the Barcelona Digital technology center, the congress will end on Wednesday in Barcelona, ​​the fourth edition of this event in which the keys to the success of an app will be shown and new health applications will be shown, as well as topics related to accessibility for people with disabilities, or the challenges of mobile marketing.

Emma Pivetta, founder of EmmaPivetta, explained the importance of knowing in depth, in the first instance, the profile of the potential user of an app:

The biggest mistake is to think for them instead of analyzing them, knowing what they are and how they think […] Know what they are going to use this application for and how, as well as know the social macro trends that affect them […] There are needs that we can only discover by being with the user and making the journey with him. From there we can create.

David Llort, R&D Manager at Blit Software, has given some keys to decrease the time-to-market of an app by improving testing and reporting:

[…] markets are social networks and can sink us into a first version […] testing must be quick and it is essential to have early feedback from all stakeholders […] We have to look for a minimum and representative test and include a quick report of the failures, with all the necessary information for the developer.

Santiago Begu, Business Developer at Barcelona Digital Technology Center, also talks about quality:

[…] being able to bring an app to the market depends on ensuring its quality […] 96% of users leave an app when they encounter errors. There is no lack of connectivity, stability and usability […] the problems are not only of the interface, but also of the messages that are sent to the user when there are errors.

Nicols Amado, Regional Sales Director, Iberia & Latin America of Brightcove, He has spoken about the consumption of videos in apps:

[…] Online video consumption on mobile has grown 300%. It has done it in apps, not on the web. Video cloud platforms are important, allowing for constant innovation and global scale.

Health applications have been protagonists of the day.

Mobile Health

MHealth is defined as healthcare and healthcare practice through mobile devices, something that has been able to offer new solutions and access to the patient’s clinical data and carry out advanced monitoring, help in recovery and even become part of complementary therapies.

Csar del Barrio, Business Development Manager at Tecnocom, talked about communication between people and devices, and how the latest technological advances allow us to increase the options for interaction between apps and users, facilitating previously impossible scenarios, such as, for example, devices such as Microsoft’s Kinect.

We have been able to see real cases of applications in the sector such as:

ExpertSalud, by Esteve Laboratories, designed for the daily needs of chronic pathologies and their follow-up in real time: diagnosis, medication, symptoms, reminders, appointments with the doctor … – iPediatric, an application for mothers and fathers of babies from 0 to 12 months old that answers hundreds of questions about the baby’s health. VinciPort, the first mobile application that automates the interpretation of rapid tests for the detection of drugs of abuse and Phobious, aimed at treating phobias from home, based on systematic desensitization by virtual exposure.

As you can see, we are not bored.

We will continue to report on the news presented at the event.