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Barbie can now assemble a giant tardigrade (as you read)

Barbie can now assemble a giant tardigrade (as you read)

Barbie can now assemble a giant tardigrade (as you read)

With this 3D printed tardigrade figure your children will have the best toy in the world, although let’s face it, you probably want it for yourself.

Everyone loves grad students, and if you don’t even know what they are, you haven’t spent much time on the Internet. They are, probably, the official mascot of the network, or at least that is what we think every time a news related to them jumps to the covers of all the websites.

The tardigrades, also known as water bears, are microscopic beings known to be the toughest animals in the world. The poor have been the object of all kinds of experiments to check the extent of their resistance to the elements and temperatures, and have always been surprising.

It has even been shown that the late graduate is able to survive in the void of spaceAnd if that’s not to make it our favorite animal, I don’t know what is. But even more surprising is the revelation last year that to achieve these feats, late-stage DNA is made up of 17.5% of other species.

The figure of a late graduate you were waiting for

But hey, that the degree is more or less popular does not mean that it is as marketable as a bunny, right? This is where 3D printing comes in, which has managed to democratize the creation of toys in a way never seen before. In this way, we can get our own figure of a late graduate, fully articulated and designed to be assembled by a Barbie. Why a Barbie? And why not?

It is such a ridiculous project that it turns around and becomes quite cool. Well, maybe you don’t want advice from someone who still uses the word cool, but see for yourself. Because it is not adorable, with its small appendages and its little mouth out of a H.P. Lovecraft?

The figure consists of 60 parts that we will have to assemble once printed, and is part of the third Faire Play project, with which its creator Zheng3 wanted to turn Barbie into more than just a girl waiting for Kent’s call. Specifically, he wanted to turn her into a warrior who goes to battle mounted in late, and the truth is that the improvement shows.

We can download the necessary files to print the late degree paying what we want on the Zheng3 website.