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Baidu, the “google of China”, launches a “chromecast of China”

chromecast de Baidu

There is no doubt that the giant Baidu is capable of virtually everything in the world of technology. We recently presented its Dropbox clone, with much more storage space, its Street View, to see a country where the Google service has failed to reach, its mobile platform, its intention to enter Brazil, its intention to create its own google glass… it is not a clone of Google, it is a company that, observing what is successful in the West and knowing its own market very well, does not waste time offering alternatives and solutions at an affordable price, adapted to its public .

Now they launch their own ChromeCast, the solution that we presented to you in July that allows you to transform normal televisions into smart TVs, the device that connects via HDMI to, thanks to its Wi-Fi connection, receive the contents of our phone to view them on the big screen .

And if Google’s ChromeCast is cheap (it costs $ 35), Baidu’s couldn’t be less. It costs $ 32 on and allows you to send content to television from a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

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They comment on TNW that it is compatible with DLNA, Airplay, Baidu’s BDPlay and iQiyi’s content, although, as with Google’s Chromecast, the options will surely increase over time.