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Background Blur, a plugin to blur the background images of your website


One of the techniques most used in modern web pages is known as blur or image blurring, a technique that allows us to achieve results like the one you can see in the screenshot that this article illustrates. Today we recommend Image Blur, a plugin to automatically blur the background images of your website without using tools like Photoshop.

As you can see on the project website, the effect works perfectly regardless of the image we choose (the web allows us to check the finish with different photographs). In addition to being able to use Background Blur in the header of our website, the plugin It can also be used in the funds of the avatars of each user. And not only that, since we can also use the thumbnail of a video as a blurred background of the player.

Of course, on the tool website we find all the necessary instructions so you can launch Background Blur on your website, as well as examples of use when applying it to different images. Finally, it is important to note that Background is compatible with the vast majority of modern web browsers.

Without a doubt, it is an excellent tool when it comes to obtaining visual results on our website. Also, a point in favor of the plugin is that it only weighs 4kb, with the advantages that this entails. If it has caught your attention, we recommend that you give it a try and test its operation through the Background Blur website.