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Babelverse, the online simultaneous translation startup

Babelverse, the online simultaneous translation startup

Based on the premise that a person’s linguistic interpretation with the appropriate use of appropriate tone, context, and emotion beats any translation or speech recognition algorithm, Babelverse arrives on our devices in late April and aims to remove language barriers between people using an interpreter, in any situation and in real time.

The interpreters and translators available are registered in the service, always indicating in which languages ​​they are competent and their level; and they will receive a certain amount of money per minute when a user requires their knowledge. To ensure the highest quality of service, the user who has used the interpreter must assess their performance at the end of each translation carried out, which will give certain interpreters a good score in the ranking if they do it well, and also allow a user to choose a translator again if he especially liked it.

For now the project is in beta phase and, as we have mentioned, it will start operating at the end of April. In any case, you can take a look at the website and read all kinds of details about the project in it, in addition, I leave you with a video of its operation of how a user uses simultaneous translation in a pharmacy here:

Link: Babelverse