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Babbel comes to Android to help us learn languages

Babbel comes to Android to help us learn languages

It is always interesting to learn and learn new languages, and if we have the right tools that can help us, much better. Babbel is a great tool that already has a track record offering resources for learning different languages, both through the web and through desktop applications and mobile applications, being until now only for the mobile terminals of the bitten apple ecosystem .

Well, users of the Android system can already get hold of some of the applications that have been available for a few days through Google Play, allowing us to install them on our mobile devices, finding tools and utilities such as access to different words, smart review, voice recognition, first lesson of each category, etc. In addition, from the application itself we can access more Babbel resources simply through our free user account that we can create if we do not have it yet.

The applications are free, which we can install on devices starting with Android 2.1, allowing us to learn up to 11 languages ​​from our own terminals.

Link: Babbel apps on Google Play