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Avast buys AVG to create the world's largest security software

Avast buys AVG to create the world's largest security software

Avast buys AVG to create the world's largest security software

Avast buys AVGfor $ 1.3 billion to create the largest security suite.

If we talk about security software, Avast and AVG are two of the best-known antivirus in the world and now we can talk about a single company.

Avast Software currently has 230 million users worldwide using its security solutions on both computers and mobile devices, and now the company will grow even bigger by acquiring one of its competitors, AVG Technologies, paying $ 1.3 billion by the operation.

Avast buys AVG and together they add more than 400 million users

So much Avast and AVG were born in the Czech Republic More than 20 years ago and in all this time they have become a benchmark in the market. They have taken advantage of the need for user security to create simple to use, powerful and, somewhat importantly, free software (despite the fact that they also have plans payment).

From the time of personal computers we have gone to mobile devices and they have also knownget on that train where they know that many, many, millions of users are concentrated willing to protect their smartphones and tablets from any threat, so they also have antivirus applications for them.

From Avast they want to continue advancing along that path, so the purchase of AVG has as aim to grow and take advantage of opportunities that come to do so as we are getting closer and closer to a scenario in which everything is connected, the Internet of Things continues to gain prominence and the security of our data is more important than ever.

Continue to grow in a world of secure connected devices

Together, Avast and AVG will reach 400 million users worldwide, a spectacular number of which almost half are users of its products on mobile devices. At the moment the authorities have yet to give the green light to the operation, but it is expected to be confirmed between September and October this year.

For their part, they have not commented on how to affect current software, at the moment it seems that the programs and applications will continue as before, but it seems normal to think that, once merged, the solutions combine on each platform to be able to carry out a joint development.