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Automatically repair your computer with this great utility kit

Automatically repair your computer with this great utility kit

Automatically repair your computer with this great utility kit

You have a problem on your pc and you don’t know what’s wrong? This tool is wonderful and has everything you need to repair it, doing absolutely nothing.

A computer can be messed up on a thousand fronts, literally. Usually there are errors and problems that are repeated, some very common, so there are utilities and recovery tools that are responsible for detecting them and solving them.

In the network we can find software of all kinds, although unfortunately you have to be very careful with what is downloaded because some promise the sky and are a total fiasco. A few months ago we talked about All In One System Rescue Toolkit, a fantastic kit with perfectly organized and useful tools. Now its creator has released a Lite version and it’s just as cool.

All in One System Rescue Toolkit Lite, repair your computer automatically


Paul, its creator, got his first All in One to be recognized by the community, precisely because his experience allowed him to select only those tools that were really useful. No malicious software, no demo versions, no zillions of programs dedicated to the same thing: All in One System Rescue Toolkit was a fair choice.

What’s new in the Lite version? Well, it was created to run it and forget us. Paul has designed it to be used by even the most inexperienced user, a computer repair tool for everyone, not just for technicians.

All in One System Rescue Toolkit Lite focuses on automatic repairThat is, you work without having to touch anything else. In that AutoFix mode it runs various memory tests, CPUs, hard drives, checks Windows security, checks for viruses and malware, resets connectivity options, checks and repairs the file system, cleans the disks and defragments them. An all in one.

Run and go – fix PC problems without help

As Paul himself says, the idea is download it, run it and let it work. It usually takes about two hours to do everything, although it depends on the PC, of ​​course. That yes, it cannot assure a 100% effectiveness, there will always be specific cases that the kit cannot solve, but at least it is a good test that can avoid going to a technician.

All in One System Rescue Toolkit Lite is one of those utilities that we can save ourselves. It can be downloaded from their official website, but they have created several official mirrors in case the download is very slow.

Official website of Paul, its creator, with download link

Mirror hosted on Ondrive

As if that were not enough, it is totally freeBut if you want to contribute to Paul’s work, accept donations.