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Automatic effects for Google Plus photos and movies


So many new features have been announced today on Google Plus that it is worth stopping at one of the most relevant: automatic effects on photos and movies.

On the one hand we have the effect of action: create a photograph from a sequence of images, obtaining results like the one shown in the image below. The idea is to see the entire range of motion in a single photograph, capturing the motion dramatically.

He deletion of people It is also impressive, an effect that is common in sophisticated editors and that Google Plus users will greatly appreciate. With it it is possible to detect the elements that are in some photos and not in others so that they are eliminated in the final result, as we see in the example below. This option is ideal for removing people, who constantly move on our trips while the background remains static (if we take several photos, the system is able to determine what should go out and what is only passing).

The third highlight is the automatic movie creation, a functionality that allows you to automatically create animations from photos and other videos, creating transitions and putting background music (similar to what animoto does, for example).

The video you see here has been made with that system:

You can see the full list of news in this regard within this Google Plus support page, in Spanish, where they indicate the icon that we will have to press to access these news once they are available in our account.