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Aula 365 РTelefónica launches interactive school support service

Aula 365 - Telefónica launches interactive school support service

Telefnica is responsible for, an interactive school support service for the home, where family participation in the learning process is encouraged and valued, and where parents have a special role with access to tutoring activities that their children under 14 years of age perform in the community.

Although to be a premium user you must have an account in Movistar ADSL, any user can create a free account and participate in the social network of students sharing knowledge (and earning aulines with its use).The more the portal is used, the more points we can get, being exchanged for:

* Interactive language, mathematical, natural and social films for all ages and levels. Also, English and Italian. * Games, so you can test, learn, practice and have fun at the same time. * Educational pills so that, in just 5 minutes, you can quickly find what you need for school. * Summaries, to make doing your work and homework easier. * Animated infographics, so that what you used to study in books, now you do in a multimedia and attractive format. * Biographical comics, so you can learn everything about the important characters of our past. Let the story come to life! * Images, to use in your work and homework.

Parents are guaranteed the following points:

– Commitment to safety

We have word filters and systems that control the activities generated by community members.

– Animated educational content for all subjects and educational levels.

A didactic and fun space designed to stimulate personalized learning for students of nursery, primary and secondary education


– Participation in the Knowledge Ranking

Children learn best when they are having fun and part of this value proposition is rewarded with Aulines, when they have taken actions to help others learn more and in this way generate collaborative intelligence.

– Learning and Fun with study partners

Aula365 Movistar is a space created with the same communication codes, interests and emotions of your children, where they can interact with friends and fellow students to learn and have fun at the same time.

A good space that is worth trying.

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