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Attachments in GMail can now be saved directly to Google Drive

Google Drive

Over the next week, users will find a new way to use attachments in messages through GMail, so that we can skip the step of downloading them to our local devices, if we want, choosing to save them directly to our Google Drive, which will allow us to access them from any device with Internet access, either through the desktop or through mobile devices. This new form will be available only for the desktop version of GMail.

Among the advantages listed in its official announcement is the display of attached files as thumbnails, provided they are images, videos, spreadsheets and PDF files. But that’s not all, since we can also see them in full screen and interact with them simply by pressing their corresponding thumbnails. To make the downloads or save them in Google Drive, we will simply have to put the cursor over their thumbnails, obtaining the corresponding icons.

In this way, GMail is integrated further with other Google services, facilitating interaction with messages without the need to depend on third-party services, taking into account that both GMail and Google Drive share the same storage space, so It is a logical step that they have just taken, which is in our benefit, as long as we are one of the 120 million users that uses Google Drive as storage space in the cloud.

We must be careful that at any time we can use this new way of using attachments, leaving behind the traditional ways of attaching and receiving attachments in email messages.