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Atari games and outdated software on the Internet Archive


Surely many of you know the Internet Archive, a non-profit organization in which we can access a digital library with free and free multimedia content. Among other news, we told you about the Internet Archive when I announced a collaboration with BitTorrent to make more than a million files available to the user torrent for download.

Now we read in TheVerge that the Internet Archive officially launches a new tool that will allow us to run old and obsolete software from decades ago, to be run directly from our browser. First of all, they put at our disposal a PC simulator called MESS that will allow us to start old Atari games from the browser, complementing it with the launch of a historical collection of software that will provide us with a collection-list of all the relevant titles and more. interesting files available.

As this same news shows, it is not only important to preserve the file itself, but to preserve it in a way and in a format that allows us to run it in future times with emulators and new software, that is, in a format that supports its use in more modern machines.

If you want to take a look at the MESS software simulator to play Atari games you can click on this link, where you can also access some demos to open your mouth. On the other hand, if you want to access the Historical Software Collection you can click here.