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ASUS says goodbye to the tablet industry while Gigabyte that of mobile phones

mayo 23, 2020
Imagen oficial del mí­tico Transforme TF101 de ASUS

Official image of the mythical ASF Transforme TF101

Both Asus and Gigabyte do not have accounts and both companies have decided to make restructuring in the mobile segment. In this sense, from Asus they have already started a reorganization process from the first half of 2016, the completion of which is expected to end within the first half of next year.

It is the definitive abandonment of Asus in the tablet segment where to date it has been reducing the launch of new models and ending it with the transfer of the staff from its tablet department to other business areas such as reality. and increased and that of smart phones.Interestingly, Gigabyte is leaving the smart phone segment and even the PC peripherals segment through its subsidiaries Gigabyte Communications and Gigazone International, as DigiTimes points out. The fact that the company has been manufacturing mobile phones for 11 years is surprising.

In this sense, the subsidiary Gigabyte Communications will stop manufacturing GSmart phones (announced in June two years ago), while Gigazone International will stop manufacturing PC cases, keyboards or helmets, and portable batteries, among others. mobile devices.

In this regard, it should be noted that Gigabyte also has Gigabyte Xtreme, a new subsidiary with which it is launching gaming products, reporting strong revenues. At the moment it is not known what will be the destination of the employees of the affected subsidiaries, which will cease operations, although what is known is that Gigabyte will continue to support the products sold by both subsidiaries.

It is a change of direction on the part of both companies where they want to focus on those sectors that are profitable, leaving aside those others with which they have been registering losses