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Ascento: Robot with wheels on its legs to make it faster and more stable

robot ascento

Moving like a caterpillar, jumping or having flexible feet, are some of the ways of movement that we have seen to be applied in robots, in order to improve their performance and be able to take full advantage of their characteristics.

This time we have brought you to Ascento, a robot whose locomotion has been possible thanks to the combination of legs and wheels, elements that have given it remarkable stability and balance in the presence of unexpected obstacles.

However, the emergence of Ascento is not a recent event, since its development process goes back a long time, being that this model currently presented constitutes the second generation.

This is how Ascento has been specially designed with the purpose of showing the potential that a robot can offer with legs and wheels on its extremities, which it uses to move quickly, flexing its legs to maintain balance or jump in situations where requires going up or down.

In this sense, when Ascento approaches a slope that must be climbed, he crouches to propel himself with his legs, preloading them and then jumping up and forward to cross the obstacle.

However, these jumps are only 0.4 meters, height allowed by their 10.4 kilograms of weight, although, enough to avoid small obstacles that could appear in their way.

In terms of speed, Ascento can reach 8 kilometers per hour and provide an autonomy of an hour and a half of operation.

Almost impossible to tear down

Trying to knock this robot down could be a difficult task to achieve, since as you can see in the demonstration video there is no obstacle that represents a challenge for this robot.

And is that each of the legs of Ascento act independently, an aspect that allows them to flex in a different way, so that the robot can always stay at the same height and in balance regardless of the surface on which it moves. .

This is how in the images we can see that Ascento remains stable in different situations, such as when falling with a wheel from the step, when holding a leg in the air or even when it is being pushed constantly.

Added to this, in the video it is possible to see how Ascento makes use of his skills to move on rocky surfaces or in the grass, also facing stairs without any problem when taking continuous jumps to ascend them.

With regard to its handling, this robot allows the user to maneuver it through a remote control, gestures or by activating an autonomous function to move on the ground.

At the front, Ascento has a series of cameras that allow the user to see everything that comes his way, as well as what surrounds him.

For the official presentation of Ascento, the developers of this robot took advantage of the ICRA 2020 robotics conference. It remains to be seen if in the future the next versions of Ascento will include more abilities than those shown so far.