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arttistica, desktop publishing platform


Bubok has become a reference in the world of self-publishing books in a relatively short time. They (like many others) believe that printing on demand is the future, for costs and for ecology, so they bet heavily on a system that allows anyone to publish their book and that customers can buy it knowing that only the copies being requested.

Now, from there, they present their integration with Artistic (, a photo publishing platform that allows us to put our images up for sale and buy them in various formats and sizes. The idea is that people can buy any image in any size, as they tell us from Bubok:

[…] In this way, a photograph that we have can be bought, for example, in a size of one meter printed on canvas.

This self-printing site for posters, prints and paintings does not offer a new idea, the possibility of earning money by selling our photos has been on the Internet for several years (here we show you some platforms that allow you to earn money by selling photos), there is even an interesting trend in the category of Selling the photos taken by the mobile, although few options are found in our language, so it will be interesting to analyze the evolution of artistic.