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Artificial intelligence will know, by sounds, when a car is going to break down

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Surely all of you have ever found yourself in the situation of being in front of a mechanic trying to explain a strange sound that your car is emitting, a situation that will soon be a thing of the past, as explained in IEEE Spectrum.

The Israeli 3DSignals company is using neural networks to be able to track sounds perfectly, detecting when there is an alteration that can be considered abnormal, close to the universe of something is going to break. They are already talking to Europe's leading car manufacturers to implant an ultrasonic microphone system in vehicles, and that will help identify problems long before the human ear.

The goal is to get implanted in autonomous taxis so that the problem can be solved before it occurs, which can save a huge amount of money, since a worn belt is very cheap, but a motor burned because of a part whose problem is not. Detected in time has a much higher cost.

3DSignals algorithms are capable of identifying and predicting specific problems with 98 percent accuracy, and now all that's left is training for them to specialize in the motor world.

Sounds that identify problems and that cannot be detected by humans, another niche to give a lot to talk about in this sector.