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Apps as a business opportunity


The way we consume content is changing. Now we want to consume them anytime, anywhere. Before, at home we would sit in front of the computer and search in a browser to obtain pages that respond to our needs and solve a specific problem. The entry point was then the search engine.

However, in recent years, we have moved to a model in which we have an entity that consumes content called an app or application. It is a tool designed to develop a specific function on a specific platform: mobile, tablet, SmarTV, computer …

Taking this into account, apps have become more relevant to solve certain problems. Therefore, they are conceived and adapted for each device, so that they can offer benefits according to their characteristics. We spend over 90 minutes a day in front of smartphones, which means that the concept of ubiquity and multi-device is emphasized more than ever. The app then plays a fundamental role.

We consume mostly games, which account for 50 percent of total application usage time, but without neglecting social media applications, which account for 30 percent of Market share. Entertainment apps account for 8 percent, while news accounts for 7 percent.

Regarding the penetration of smartphones, Latin America still has a lot of ground to grow. Today, his overall average is 14 percent. The ranking calculated by Merryl Linch It is led by Venezuela (20%), Chile (18%) and Argentina (17%). The list is completed with Brazil (16%), Mexico (15%), Peru (9%) and Colombia (8%). This would suggest that these three countries are the ones that use the data the most, to the detriment of the voice service. With these figures on the table and with an annual growth of 14 percent, it can be seen that the applications market is, without a doubt, an important asset within the entrepreneurial panorama for Latin American countries.

Drawing parallelism with Europe and North America, it can be verified that 80 percent of the companies that are dedicated to creating mobile solutions in app format have grown in the last two years, to the detriment of others that have continued to carry out developments for web platforms or desktop. The packaging of the app is attractive to end consumers, is cheaper (since it does not have intermediaries in physical stores) and allows companies that develop it to test the market in a very short time. This gives room for maneuver to be able to react and pivot business models accordingly.

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