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Applications to manage the Invisible Friend


The dates of the invisible friend (secret friend, in some countries) are approaching, a game in which a draw is responsible for determining who has to buy the gift from someone else, consulting, in some cases, a list of the wishes of the draw .

To help carry out the draw there are several applications that we can use for free, a list that we leave you here:

– A classic in which we can register the list of participants and press the button for the draw to take place. Each one will receive an email with the name of the person from whom they have to buy the gift, making it possible to write a list of gifts on the same site so that it can be consulted by anyone.

– a simpler option in which there is only a form to write the names and a button to send the email.

– Secretgift: Application for iPhone and iPad that allows you to carry out the raffle and consult the gifts from your mobile device.

– In English, with three versions of the game. In the classic version there are not many differences with the other options, although in the other two there are elements that can make the experience more fun (hiding gifts, stealing them from other people, etc.).

– Available in several languages. It is easy to use and allows the registration of gift lists.

– A well-known solution in Brazil, the most used in the country, with more than 1 million registrations already made. It allows you to search for gifts in its database to build lists, send emails, carry out the draw and even make purchases within the platform.