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Applications and services to entertain you on your daily commute

Applications and services to entertain you on your daily commute

Applications and services to entertain you on your daily commute

Daily commutes in the subway or on the bus can be boring and heavy. We want to help you stop being so with these applications and games for your smartphone.

Many of us have to make public transport journeys. From home to work, from one place to another, to go out with friends, many of those situations require taking a bus (or a subway, if you live in a big city). And that time, unless you take advantage of doing something, is completely wasted.

We want to prevent that situation from happening to you every time you ride a subway or a bus. Your smartphone can be the perfect tool for entertaining or being productive on these journeys. And we want prevent you from boredom again on the subway or bus.

Listen to music and podcasts: Spotify, Pocket Casts

Hearing something is a perfect and widely used way to abstract in these moments. It leaves your hands and head free to do what you want or to be attentive, and at the same time entertains you. And we have many options to do it.


Music is the most classic resource for a trip. We can save our own songs in memory, or we can be subscribed to a streaming music service. And, if parts of your trip get caught without coverage, services like Spotify or Apple Music allow you download songs to listen offline.


Another option for listening on the go is podcasts. If you don’t know what they are, it is as if it were a radio, but available whenever we want. And there are all kinds: music, humor, news, language practice, and even stories. You can use applications like Pocket Casts, iTunes or Ivoox to find and download them.


In Spain there is no great culture of listening to someone read a book out loud, and perhaps that is why audiobooks have not succeeded here. But also there is the possibility of listening to a related book. It is not unusual, many people do. And it’s a different way of reading a book, so it’s worth a try.

Offline series and movies: Netflix and Amazon Video

Another good option, continuing with the entertaining section, is to watch a series or a movie with your mobile. In this case we must be careful, because it can completely abstract us and we do not want to miss a stop. But, if it’s a long trip, it can be a great option.

Streaming series and movies

If you have a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Video, you’re in luck, because they allow us download their series to watch them offline. That way we will not spend data when viewing them, or we can continue to view them in an area without coverage. Other services like HBO don’t have it: you will be able to watch your series while you have coverage and spend your data.

How to download series from Netflix

Video players

You also have the option to buy or download your series and movies, and leave them in memory from your smartphone to see them whenever you want. That way you don’t spend data, and you still have it without coverage. In iOS you can use the player that comes in the system, and in Android you have a full range of players available.

Read books and news: Kindle, Pocket and more

Although reading with a smartphone is not highly recommended (your eyes get tired much faster than with paper, hence the electronic ink exists), also it is an option to catch up on reading. That is, if you go on buses try not to get dizzy.


Of course, you can shoot with traditional books in electronic format. There are a multitude of readers of ebooksfor Android, and in iOS you already have one pre-installed.

News Readers

If you want to take advantage of those moments to catch up on current affairs, there are dozens of news apps they find them for us. We can also use an RSS reader to have more control over what we read.

Finally, we cannot leave this section without talking about Pocket. This application is very practical because it brings together in one place everything we want to read later. Or everything we want to read offline. Tweets, news, videos, web pages and much more. So we can take the opportunity to catch up on all that reading.

Work or get ahead: Dropbox, Google Drive

Of course, this may also be a time to get work done. Office suites like Adobe, Office or Google Drive have applications that allow us work anywhere. This way you can prepare a meeting that you have first thing, or make a touch-up to a document.

Have fun to distract you: games for all tastes

Hey, nobody has said that you can’t have fun on the rides. Sure an entertaining game for your smartphone makes you a little happy in the morning full of routine. Of course, try to have a charger on hand at your destination, because games can use up a lot of battery.

The best Android games