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Apple’s Siri could be the next Yahoo Answer, with answers created among all


The new rumor in the Apple world makes perfect sense. Siti is currently getting his answers from Yahoo !, WolframAlpha and other web services, and now it seems that he is starting to get more sophisticated thanks to the knowledge of all his users, who could answer the questions asked by other people.

The rumor begins to take hold after the article by appleinsider where they analyze a patent recently filed by Apple that describes an artificial intelligence system based on questions and answers generated by the population, a Yahoo! answers applied to the mobile world, allowing fewer questions to go unanswered on Apple portable devices.

Patent image from

Although many points remain to be defined, since surely Apple does not want to have a database of digital garbage that can be compared to the tremendous chaos that Yahoo! On his system (where the answers are sometimes so surprisingly false that it makes you want to turn off the Internet and go back to the 19th century), the idea of ​​using your users’ knowledge is perfectly valid. They will have to work a lot on the recognition of the language in several languages ​​and concentrate on statistics to group similar responses, avoiding that a single person is responsible for a truth, but that is something that with time, talent and money, can be achieved without many problems.