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Apple Pay in Spain: how it works, banks and shops where we can pay

Apple Pay in Spain: how it works, banks and shops where we can pay

Apple Pay in Spain: how it works, banks and shops where we can pay

From today you can pay with apple pay on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. Now available in Spain.

After a long time waiting for it, yesterday it was leaking that on December 1, 2016 Apple Pay will make its landing in Spain and it has been so. The Apple’s mobile payment system is already available.

Apple Pay was announced in 2014 and is a mobile payment system for making purchases both in physical stores and online with a touch and is available for Apple devices. Now we already know all the details of his arrival in Spain, such as entities and businesses that will be compatible.

Payments contactless with Apple Pay in Spain

The operation of Apple Pay is fast and simple, just move the iPhone or Apple Watch closer to the POS andauthorize the purchase using the Touch sensor ID or by pressing the side button a few times in case you are using the watch. And that’s it.

The vast majority of shops will not have to adapt because their point of sale terminals are already contactless.The system is secure, card data is not shared or information is sent anywhere, everything remains private.

To start using Apple Pay you just have to enter the Wallet application and add your card. Are they all compatible? These are the banks and entities supported at startup.

Banks compatible with Apple Pay

At the launch of Apple Pay in Spain can already use credit and debit cards Santander, American Express, as well as Carrefour Pass Cards and Ticket Restaurant. Similarly, in Pay you can also carry and manage loyalty cards for all kinds of businesses.

In the coming weeks and months they will add more and more banks to Apple Pay, many have already confirmed that they are working on their integration but still without a confirmed date.

Establishments where you can pay with Apple Pay

As we say, Apple Pay works in any business that has a POS withNFCTherefore, stores, supermarkets, hotels, coffee machines and all kinds of establishments with these logos are already available:

The list is huge, but from the Apple website we can see some well-known businesses that fall within those that accept apple pay:

This in physical stores, but it should not be forgotten that Apple Pay also can be used to make purchases on the Internet from the Safari browser. The Apple browser integrates with the payment system and that allows you to make payments with a touch from the websites of online stores, even using the Touch ID of the new MacBook Pro.

The arrival of Apple Pay is great news to give agreater boost to mobile payments, which will grow a lot in the next year and will end up becoming something everyday.