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Apple patents new touch sensors and monitor to measure heart rate on smartphones


Lately, the thing in Apple is about patents, and you may remember that just a month ago we announced the patent for facial recognition and 3D sensors in devices by Apple, with the aim of encouraging a new way of interacting with the device and improving your security and unlocking system.

We now read on that, among other patents issued, Apple has registered the hover touch sensing (the possibility of interacting in a tactile way with a device without your finger touching the screen, but simply placing it near it) and the integration of a monitor that measures heart activity exclusively for your devices (which would translate into a new sensor integrated, specially designed for fitness and biometric applications).

Apple intends, with the hover touch, offer more effective touch detection through recognition that distinguishes what movements we perform to perform an action and which we accidentally carry out, in addition to implementing a method that improves touch detection with different environmental conditions (for example, changing and improving detection when cold).

As for the heart monitor, Apple describes a new way to identify the user according to their unique biometric information, similar to the iPhone 5 fingerprint sensor but in this case with utilities related to exercise and fitness applications.

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