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Apple Patents Face Recognition Technology for Advanced Device Control


The way we have to interact with our electronic devices is looking more and more like the one we have always seen in movies: we started by going for touch technologies, we continue to delve into voice and fingerprint recognition and now it seems It is the turn of facial recognition and 3D sensor recognition.

Related to this issue, we read in TC that Apple today sent the patent for a system that uses facial recognition and detection in mobile and desktop devices, with the aim of encouraging activity with the device and using different facial expressions to control the apparatus in one way or another.

Apple also intends to use this type of technology as a method to unlock the phone, also displaying according to what information depending on whether it recognizes the user or not. In this case, if a user receives a call and the iPhone recognizes him via face scan (to be performed by skin tone, size, depth, etc.), then the caller’s information will be displayed by accessing the user’s phonebook.

Recall that Apple has just acquired PrimeSense, an Israeli company that previously attended the creation of the Microsoft Kinect. With this, the great company of the manzanita aims to bet on innovation while continuing to have safety and privacy as a priority when accessing the information stored by a device.