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Apple patents a system for voice image search and tagging


If a couple of days ago we informed you of the new Apple patent focused on the use of touch sensors and the integration of a monitor for the measurement of heart rate through smart mobile phones, again, and based again on A new publication from Apple Insider, we know of a new Apple patent published today regarding the system of searching and tagging images by using voice instructions using natural language.

The application for this patent was made in the month of March of the present year, and which refers to a method of labeling or searching for images using a voice-based digital assistant, where we can already intuit that said assistant could refer to its own voice assistant named Siri. In this way, and through the use of this system, users will avoid manual image tagging using voice commands and then automatically, basing the tags on the people, places and activities that appear on these images, which It will allow us to later retrieve the same photographs through the use of the same labels used, bearing in mind that the system itself will recognize both faces and buildings and landscapes.

According to the document, for Apple, the traditional approach to photo-labeling can be not at all intuitive, arduous and slow, so that by means of the instructions that we dictate to the digital assistant by voice, the same will understand these indications and will include additional information to both the own image itself as with other similar images. Then, when it comes to recovering specific images, we only have to indicate it to the assistant himself.

It is as if we now take family photos on these Christmas dates indicating to the assistant who we are each of those who appear in an image and the assistant performs the labeling of both the image itself and the similar ones, and later we indicate to the assistant himself go back to access the family images that we have made at Christmas. With the number of images that we can make with our mobile devices, this system will save us a lot of time when organizing and accessing them later. It is not yet known when this system will be implemented within Siri or even in other assistants.