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Apple launches iPad app to sell its own products


Christmas is approaching and various services and catalogs such as Amazon, Ebay, etc. They start rubbing their hands together as we break our heads to search for gifts for our loved ones. Among all the thousands of options available, many users choose to give away some Apple product, whose sales grow so much in this era.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Apple has launched the products from its Apple Store available on iPad. From Friday we can download this application for iOS that will allow us to browse all Apple products, being detailed all the offers, states, available colors, characteristics, functions, user reviews, etc. in the app (in addition to a section of Questions and Answers if we have any more specific questions) and giving us the possibility of creating a reservation in a nearby Apple store.

The content of the application is the same that we will find on the Apple website, the really eradicated difference in browsing through the catalog and the design of the online store – which in this case will respond to a touch control, being optimized for it . We can navigate five categories from the main page: Macs, iPads, iPhones, iPods and links to Apple Retail Stores.

The application can be downloaded free for iPad at this link, yes, we will have to have iOS updated to 7.0.