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Apple launches Clips, the iMovie for the new generation

Apple launches Clips, the iMovie for the new generation

Apple launches Clips, the iMovie for the new generation

Apple’s new video app is the successor to iMovie, the program that managed to turn anyone into a filmmaker.

Yes, I’m talking about a time when computers were everything to Apple; It was then that the company became famous for offering ideal systems for creators and artists.

Times have changed, and Clips is the best proof of that.. It is an app, for iOS of course, that allows us to create videos in a simple and direct way.

This is Clips, the new Apple video app

With an interface adapted to mobile phones, Clips offers us what we could expect from any current video app. We can capture video and images instantly, or get them from the device’s library, but more important than that is sharing them.

So it shows that Clips is a video app for a new generation; the important thing is to put as much text, filters, frames, emoji and cards.

Add all these clips to your timeline (up to 60 minutes of video in total), and you can share them with your contacts. So far, nothing that other apps like Snapchat don’t do.

Clips looks like he wants differentiate yourself in the video editing process; hence the comparisons with iMovie (saving the distances). Despite its simple and attractive interface, it offers more power to users than we are used to.

Be careful, this does not mean that we can work with several video tracks or even a temporary control; But we can adjust the length of the clips, reorder them, add content from other sources, add sound tracks and more.

Apple embraces the social

Apple Clips is also not a social network like other similar apps; in fact, Apple itself boasts that we can send the video to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and other networks.

More interesting is that the app itself is able to find out who appears in our video, and suggests us to share it with these contacts. The video is shared through Messages.

Apple Clips is an interesting app, to say the least; it seems to be halfway between a social network and a video editing appAs such, it can appeal to those who search for something more in their video apps.

Download Apple Clips from the App Store