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Apple Joins Google and Microsoft to Create an Artificial Intelligence Ethic

Apple Joins Google and Microsoft to Create an Artificial Intelligence Ethic

Apple Joins Google and Microsoft to Create an Artificial Intelligence Ethic

Apple has just joined the group of large technology companies seeking to secure a robe for Artificial Intelligence.

As AI-based development progresses, we find ourselves in the position that our lives are in the hands of an autonomous system. A system that has no more context than what we give it, a system that will have to make decisions that affect millions of lives.

The project to create a technique for Artificial Intelligence

So it is understandable that there are people with fear of AI and autonomous systems; the potential for catastrophe is very high, and will affect future technological developments.

Imagine that a robot begins to kill people; not only its creators will be exposed, but the entire technology industry.

That is why last year, Partnership on AI was born, a whole alliance of giants: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and IBM; the group is dedicated to promote the development of Artificial Intelligence in a responsible way.


The ultimate goal is to benefit society, with the development and use of good practices.

Partnership on AI members believe that AI has the potential to change our world; but it is important to make sure that it benefits as many people as possible.

For that, it is not enough to improve the algorithms or dedicate more time to development; It is also necessary to generate a public debate.

Apple joins AI development and debate

Today, Partnership on AI has taken another step in that direction, by accepting the Apple’s request to join as a founding member; It turns out that, although it was not made public, Apple had already been working with the alliance for a long time.

In this way, the group has reaffirmed its intention to explore the influence of AI on people and society, in creating a catalog of good practices, and in improving the public’s relationship with this technology.

In addition to Apple, Partnership on AI also receives six independent members; These come from projects and universities with some AI-based development.

Why it is important for robots to have ethics

Soon our world will be controlled by AI; automatic learning systems will help in our day to dayWe will travel in autonomous cars and we will even be better people.

But for that to happen, it is essential that there be a signature for Artificial Intelligence; a code that tells you, white on black, whatu is what they can and cannot do.

As a developer of Siri, a personal assistant that increasingly surprises us, Apple had to be part of this project.