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Apple could have acquired the technology company specialized in 3D detection PrimeSense for $ 345 million


It is often said that when the river sounds, water carries. And precisely it has sounded in the form of information offered by the Calcalist newspaper about the acquisition of the technological company specialized in 3D sensors PrimeSense, located in Tel Aviv, by Apple for the amount of 345 million dollars, a fact that according to The information itself could not be made for the month of July of this year due to legal issues that delayed the completion of the agreement, according to TNW, who has contacted Apple and PrimeSense to obtain first-hand information that corroborates if Apple has finally acquired PrimeSense.

Well, TNW updates with the statements of a PrimeSense representative in which it neither affirms nor denies with the following statement:

PrimeSense is a leader in 3D technology on the market. We are focused on developing a thriving company while offering 3D detection and Natural Interaction for the mass market in a variety of markets, such as in the interactive lounge and mobile devices. We do not comment on what any of our partners, clients or potential clients are doing and we do not relate to rumors or recycled rumors.

To make us more familiar with PrimeSense and to follow this rumor closely, PrimeSense is a company specialized in 3D detection technology that enables digital devices to observe 3D scenes and translate them into information. We have a clear example in the original version of Microsoft’s Kinect, which used PrimeSense technology.

Now we just have to keep waiting to see if the so-called rumor by PrimeSense in the end becomes a real fact or if it just stays there, a rumor.