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Apple buys the startup that will make facial recognition a reality on iOS

The iPhone 8 would not identify you by your finger, but by your face

Apple buys the startup that will make facial recognition a reality on iOS

Thanks to Apple’s latest acquisition, we may very well see facial recognition soon on iOS.

The future of TouchID will probably have little to do with today; It may even lose the touch part, and we can identify ourselves without having to touch anything. At least that’s what all the clues point to.

The startup that can develop facial recognition on iOS

Rumors are that the next iPhone (8, X, or whatever it ends up being called) will not have a home button; It is a kind of touch bar with virtual buttons and an integrated fingerprint detector. However, that may not be the only way to identify yourself; And Apple’s latest purchase fits perfectly with those rumors.

The winners on this occasion are RealFace, an Israeli startup that has been in the sector for a very short time, only since 2014; however, in just over two years, it has managed to make a name for itself against other biometric alternatives. And perhaps for that reason, they have caught the attention of Apple.

Realface’s name is a clue as to what they specialize in: recognize users by their face. Whether it is only with the image that the camera gives, or in conjunction with other techniques such as fingerprint recognition, the technology developed by RealFace is capable of identify the user and compare his face with that of other photos.

Why Apple is so interested in RealFace

The first RealFace app, called Pickeez, made use of this technology; although not for identification, but for find the photo in which we better go out. The app takes a photo of us and creates a model of our face; search among the photos saved on the device for the best one. In this way, we save ourselves having to search among hundreds of photos.

Apple is unlikely to be interested in that functionality; although probably be a good addition to the official Photos app. What really interests them is the technology underneath all that process. Even if RealFace only had ten employeesThey could have come a long way in facial recognition.

We still don’t know how much Apple has paid for RealFace; But the startup got financing of a million dollars previously. It’s not exactly the most famous startup in the industry, and perhaps that’s why Apple’s interest is surprising. But the truth is that the RealFace website has been suddenly closed, something common every time Apple takes over a startup.