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Apple and Google say they have already corrected the Wikileaks vulnerabilities

Apple and Google say they have already corrected the Wikileaks vulnerabilities

Apple and Google say they have already corrected the Wikileaks vulnerabilities

After the leak of Wikileaks in which dozens of security vulnerabilities were exposed, the reaction of companies such as Apple, Google, Samsung or Microsoft was swift.

After a long period of decline, Wikileaks has returned to cover the covers of half the world with its Vault 7, a document leak in which The different systems and tools that the CIA and other United States government agencies use to hack are reported. all kinds of devices: from mobile phones and computers to smart televisions. Hence, the technology companies concerned were quick to reassure and inform their users.

One of the first to react has been Apple, which sent a statement to John Paczkowski, editor of Buzzfeed News. In it they assure that they are committed to the security and privacy of their clients and that according to their previous analyzes the majority of vulnerabilities that have been made public have already been solved in the latest versions of iOS. Hence, they strongly encourage all iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch users to update to the latest version as soon as possible..

For his part Google In a statement sent to Recode, he assured that It has also fixed most Chrome and Android vulnerabilities that appeared in the leaks. Heather Adkins, Google’s chief information, security and privacy officer, has ensured that she is confident that Chrome and Android security and protection updates are already protecting her users. Furthermore, it added that the analysis of security breaches was already underway before the filtering was made public and that they will implement all the necessary protections.

Although the Android core is safe it is still up in the air to know what happens to the vast majority of users who use a version modified by the manufacturers. With the frequency of updating some terminals, it may take several months for them to be fixed or in some cases the patches never arrive. With Chrome there is no problem, since it has an automatic update system.

Finally, both Samsung and Microsoft have been more concise in their public statements. The first, whose compromised F8000 series smart TVs, has ensured that protecting the privacy of its users and device security is a top priority. What Samsung has not done is clarify if the vulnerability has already been corrected or how long it will take to do so.. Microsoft has ensured that they are aware of the bugs and are investigating how to fix them.

Update if you want to protect yourself from leaks like Wikileaks

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As much as technology has advanced in recent years, software updates continue to be a hassle for most users. At first glance the typical bug fixes (or bug fixes) may not be very exciting, but if we consider this type of leak much more necessary than new emoji. Today’s operating systems and applications are so large and complex that it is difficult to ensure 100% impenetrability but you will always be safer if you have the latest version installed.