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Apparly, to use Windows software paying subscription, not license


If you need a Windows program for a certain time, it seems that the smartest solution is to pay a subscription proportional to the time of use, much better than paying a huge amount of money for an unlimited use license.

Starting from that point, and considering the growth of the subscription trend for the use of software (spotify, netflix, adobe, etc.), what it offers makes a lot of sense Apparly (, a new application that allows you to run programs in Windows paying by subscription or by use.

It works like an app store. We just have to install Apparly and browse the existing programs, selecting the desired payment model and the time that we will be working with said software: one day, week, month or year.

They are already working with several software producers, since this model will allow them to offer more flexible and adequate rates to the needs of the users.

They are presented at the Dublin Web Summit, one of the largest technology events in Europe. They still have a long way to go to offer popular software in their database, although there are already titles on their list and the possibility of trying them for a while for free.