javascript contador Saltar al contenido launches Broadcasts, its push messaging platform


Users who participate in the main social networks are still not aware of the noise we receive on our walls and timelines, which prevents us from expressly receiving the information that we really want to receive. Well, an alternative to all the noise we receive is offered by, known at the time as paid Twitter, by launching the Broadcasts.

As explained in his announcement, the Broadcasts They are an easy way for anyone to post and subscribe to push notifications belonging to Broadcast Channels free of charge, where any account can have multiple channels. The Broadcasts are not the same as feed subscriptions, and in fact defines it as more expressive than a simple push notification, where subscribers can open any Broadcast received, viewing the content that is determined by the editors themselves, and may be made up of images, texts, links, etc. Editors may have their own buttons so that potential subscribers can subscribe from websites.

In’s opinion, a good Broadcast channel send your subscribers one or two Broadcasts a day, and perhaps less, and those who are great known publishers will only send Broadcasts with information of high value for its subscribers. These, as in the e-mail lists, can be unsubscribed to not receive more Broadcasts. lists some examples of practical uses of Broadcasts, such as for emergency information, podcasters who notify when they are recording and when episodes are available, application developers to notify of new versions, among other examples.

In this way, with Broadcast, users have complete control of receiving exactly for what they subscribed to, where, according to their words, acts as tubes that connect publishers with subscribers, without behind there being any promotional content or algorithms that they select content automatically or anything like that.