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App Icon Resizer, to change the size of your application icon in seconds


Over the last few years we have spoken to you on more than one occasion about different useful tools in the world of web design and development. Recently, the App Icon Resizer, an interesting tool, has caught our attention on-line with which change the size of your app icon in seconds.

In general, the operation of the tool is very simple and intuitive. In fact, it is only necessary to drag and drop the icon to the web to generate the icons in different sizes automatically. Specifically, App Icon Resizer Create the icons for iOS and Android in different sizes and resolutions depending on what we want to use them for.

In addition to being able to download only the selected icons, The website we are talking about also makes it easy for us to download all the set of icons, an ideal option if we want to have different alternatives and sizes for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android devices. At this point, we cannot deny that it is a most useful tool. If you found it interesting, we recommend that you take a look through the following link to the App Icon Resizer website. Of course, its use is completely free. Fully recommended.