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Antiviruses are obsolete, the new Malwarebytes wants you to uninstall them

Antiviruses are obsolete, the new Malwarebytes wants you to uninstall them

Antiviruses are obsolete, the new Malwarebytes wants you to uninstall them

With the release of the new Malwarebytes 3.0, it may not be necessary to install an antivirus.

The age of antivirus may well be at its end; There are many factors why they simply are not as useful or necessary as in the past. Operating systems are more secure, many already have their own integrated virus solutions, and best of all, the average Internet user is much more responsible than before.

At Omicrono we have repeated it countless times; The best protection against viruses is to act responsibly and take the minimum precautions that everyone should take.

The new Malwarebytes is here

However, does that justify the risk of not using an antivirus? For many people, no. However, for the creators of Malwarebytes the answer is different; They want you to uninstall your antivirus not because you don’t need it, but because you won’t need it with the new version of their program.

Malwarebytes has become a benchmark for removing malware from our system, but it is only useful once we have been infected. Instead version 3.0 gathers under a single application all the security tools that Malwarebytes Labs has developed.

Thus, in a single program we have anti-malware protection, anti-ransomware, anti-exploits and web protection; We can activate and deactivate these modules as convenient, although the idea is that we have them all active.

Is it possible to replace traditional antivirus?

In this way, according to its creators Malwarebytes is capable of replacing any antivirus; The reason is that antivirus programs still work based on virus signatures, which serve to identify malicious programs.

Instead, the Malwarebytes anti-exploit and anti-ransomware functionalities work without signatures; instead they analyze the actual behavior of system applications.

Attacks from the Internet are changing; now that the ransomware is at ease over the networkIt makes sense that Malwarebytes boasts of its effectiveness against this type of malware. Also, system scanners are now four times faster.

Of course, Malwarebytes only has a free version that lasts 14 days; if we want to use the full version we will have to pay $ 39.99 for a license.

This is an obstacle that many people will not be willing to overcome, considering that Windows Defender is already installed on many systems.

Download the new Malwarebytes 3.0