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Anti-insomnia screen mode comes to Mac to help you sleep better

Anti-insomnia screen mode comes to Mac to help you sleep better

Anti-insomnia screen mode comes to Mac to help you sleep better

Blue light protection reaches Apple computers to protect our eyesight during long hours of night work.

At the beginning of the past year Apple introduced OS 9.3 for its mobile devices and among the novelties of that version of its operating system was the function Night shift. Now, this feature reaches the Mac to protect the sight of users and, in theory, help us sleep better.

Along with the latest version of macOS 10.12.3, beta versions of the system have also arrived, in which users can test the features that will reach the rest of the world in a few weeks. Thus, macOS 10.12.4 includes Night Shift for Mac computersWhat does this feature consist of?

Night Shift, Apple’s feature that changes the tone of the screen

Surely on some occasion you have noticed an excessive tired eyes after continually looking at the mobile or computer screen. This is also accentuated if the ambient lighting is precisely poor. To solve this Apple developed Night shift.

As the day progresses and the sun hides, the Mac screen will begin to take on a warmer tone, that is, the light and bluish tones will become more yellow and orange. What is the purpose of this? Apple says that this improve our rest, it’s possible?

There is really nothing really clear about the effectiveness of these types of systems. Some theories suggest that the blue light artificial that emit the screens that we use daily can alter our circadian cycles and, therefore, have effects on our sleep, as we already discussed in depth here:

Does it really help you sleep better?

However, other currents indicate that using these functions to change the color temperature of the screen does not provide any benefit, although on the other hand neither are they harmful.

With the arrival of Night Shift on Apple computers we will also have some adjustments, such as the possibility of specifying the time of day when it is activated or the level of warmththat reaches the screen. That is, Night Shift will not apply to connected televisions or projectors.

F.lux, the same on any device

In this sense, Apple has not invented gunpowder, utilities of this type already exist, the best known being F.lux. Its developers, by the way, have accused Apple of plagiarism. As a regular user of f.lux I cannot guarantee that it will make me sleep better, but it is true that the slight variation of the tones of the screen helps me to Reduce eye strain a bit.

F.lux is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS on its official website.