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Anomo, mobile social network for introverts


In addition to generalist social networks, we also have thematic social networks, which focus and specialize in specific aspects, whether in culinary, fashion, travel, etc. There was no lack of social networks focused on the contact and interaction between the most introverted people, where we find Anomo, which began as a social network focused on geolocation with the idea of ​​allowing users to establish appointments with close people .

In a community analysis carried out by specialists through the first two million responses received, mostly adolescents, they discovered that the vast majority of them are introverts. Hence the new approach came out.

In this way Anomo allows users to begin to establish relationships with other users by showing themselves directly through avatars and across age ranges, allowing interaction between them through a series of activities such as chats, tests or games, knowing which are its degrees of compatibility with other users, and where there are hardly any annoying users wanting to cause damage, as is currently the case on the social network Facebook. In this way, over time, users will gain confidence and show themselves as they are.

Anomo is freely available for Android and iOS mobile platforms, and today the version for the Android platform has been updated where stability has been improved and errors found have been corrected.

Link: Anomo official site | Goes: Seetio