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Animated atlas to discover everything about geography and history in the USA


From the Digital Scholarship Lab at the University of Richmond comes a new project called Atlas of the Historical Geography of the US, an atlas containing some 700 historical maps to navigate through divided and organized into 18 sections.

The true element that draws attention in the maps that make up the atlas is that many of them have the possibility of animating them to visualize the changes produced in the different areas over time. For example, we have a section of states and territories in which we can observe the evolution of different geographical areas from 1790 to 1930, all accompanied by a timeline in which we can choose the information according to years and a text block that will appear at the right with the corresponding historical information, detail by detail according to the historical period and the event in question.

The 18 sections in which we will find the different maps of the resource are divided by very different topics, as we can search for data on different topics such as cartography, religion, population, politics, social reforms, wealth, commerce … each of them has different very specific subcategories, for example in the category of population We will see that you can access data on the increase in the population of slaves, the English, Welsh, and German populations, etc. and their respective expansions and densities.

Especially useful for geography and history teachers who want to have good resources, and access specific information related to population data, territorial expansion, military movements, elections or popularity of political parties, among many others.