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AndrOpen Office, an independent port of for Android

AndrOpen Office

Within the broad ecosystem of applications available on the Android platform are productivity applications, and among them are office applications.

AndrOpen Office is one of them, an office platform for Android devices that is basically a port independent of the desktop application (it is based on OpenOffice 3.4), although I do, maintaining its visual interface and all its tools, a fact that has been criticized by users since AndrOpen Office continues to maintain the same desktop interface , which makes it not easy to use it on smart mobile devices, having to use devices with large screens to take advantage of it.

It has recently released its version 1.4.0, with the inclusion of seven new languages ​​and the elimination of four languages ​​that have hardly been used, as well as the correction of various errors, as indicated in its own tab within Google Play, since which is available for free. Important point is the weight of the application, about 80 MB, being available for Android devices from version 2.3 onwards.

We just have to go to that tab in Google Play to see the screenshots and see that it really has the desktop interface. Even so, it is still one more office option that users can install on our terminals, having in its favor that of being a very complete mobile office suite, having the six components that it has in its desktop version, the support multilanguage, and even the long list of supported file formats for import and export, although as a disadvantage is the use of the desktop interface itself for mobile device screens.