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Android will overtake Windows as the operating system of Internet users

Android will overtake Windows as the operating system of Internet users

Android will overtake Windows as the operating system of Internet users

Android is already very close to surpassing Windows as the most popular operating system on the Internet. How times change.

It seems that it was yesterday when iOS and Android arrived, ready to revolutionize the market; As much as we now see it very evident, at that time it was not so clear that they were such a good idea. Yes, they were innovative and a true demonstration of the advances in technology; but back then all the new technologies revolved around computers.

Instead, today there are many people who have not touched a computer in a long time; that does absolutely everything with the mobile or the tablet. And that, in a connected world like today, is extremely important. Soon, there will be more people using your mobile system than a computer.

The fight for the most popular operating system on the Internet

StatCounter’s latest report reflects that perfectly; based on analyst data from February 2017, 38.6% of Internet users used Windows, while 37.4% used Android.

Just 1.2 percentage points, a minimum difference that could well be almost zero if we take into account the margin of error; there is no doubt that the situation is real and that it is not a dream. In addition, the situation is repeated on the side of the block; iOS boasts 13.6% of Internet users, while macOS barely reaches 5.23%.

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Personally, the most striking thing is that this brutal change in the market has been produced in just five years; in 2012 the vast majority (82%) of Internet users used Windows, and the presence of mobile systems was little less than anecdotal.

It is often said that the technology sector is advancing very fast; but even by these standards the change has been too rapid.

How the market is changing

Of course, we should not take this data too seriously. For starters, StatCounter does not scan absolutely every page on the planet; their software is on only 2.5 million websites, and the results are the result of analyzing 15,000 million page views. They seem like big numbers, but they are not at all; therefore, we should only take this data as a small sample.

Another very important detail is that Android is close to Windows, only if we look at global data. The mobile phenomenon does not affect everyone equally, and there are still many Internet users who prefer the PC.

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In Europe, for example, more than half of Internet users (51.8%) used Windows, and 23.5% used Android; On the other hand, in Asia the opposite is true, with Android reaching 51.8% and Windows 29.8%. That tells us a lot about the differences between markets.

In Spain, the difference is not so great: 44.67% for Windows and 32.07% for Android; although the latter is going down.