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An iPhone with Android is possible thanks to this case

An iPhone with Android is possible thanks to this case

An iPhone with Android is possible thanks to this case

A iPhone with AndroidThe day has come.

No, Apple has not abandoned the development of iOS and has moved to the other side, it is the creation of Nick Lee. It is not the first time that we talk about this developer, it is the same one that a few weeks ago unveiled the Apple Watch with Windows 95.

Nick is CTO of Tendigi and fond of create unique gadgets Like that watch with the mythical version of Windows, the last thing it has published is an iPhone with Android. It has succeeded and, although the final design is not very attractive, it never ceases to amaze us.

Android AOSP on an iPhone

As you can imagine, putting a non-iOS operating system on iPhone is quite complicated, so Nick has had to resort to external hardware. Specifically, it has used a development boardLemaker HiKey, which is the one that best suited your needs for power, compatibility, size and connectivity.

For the software I turned directly to Android AOSP (Android Open Source Project), the open source project of the mobile operating system. Everything runs on the development board and of course, somewhere you have to put it so your solution was to create a case by 3D printing in which the iPhone fits and, at the bottom, the rest of the components are stored.

Yes, as you can see in the images you can see that it is not the best design or the thinnest, but it works. The plate connects via Lightning port with the iPhone and run Android on the Apple smartphone.

In addition, using the development board also adds extra interesting options in order to continue improving the project: it includes ports HDMI, full USB and microSD slot. In his blog on Medium he has detailed the entire process and there you will see more components such as the 650mAh battery that powers the plate or the different case designs by the fittings until reaching the final one.