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An interactive map showing the countries that are competing with each other


Ever since humans roam this planet, they have been more concerned with expanding their domains than intelligently maintaining those within their borders. Even today, in the 21st century, most of the countries of the world have some pending issue on this topic, and in today's interactive map we demonstrate it.

Spain with Gibraltar, Ceuta, Melilla, the Island of Parsley, the Chafarinas islands and others, Colombia with Serranilla Bank and Bajo Nuevo Bank, Argentina with the Malvinas Islands … few countries are saved, the vast majority have some pending issue with Another country, although that does not mean that they live in war or with constant tensions, simply without paper fights in many cases forgotten.

The map allows us to click on the country we want to see more details about the type of dispute in question, thus showing the territories that each country wants, the reason and the other countries involved in the fight. After selecting the country, we will see a color code on the map: blue, the other countries that dispute the territory; red, the selected country; and yellow, the main area of ​​the problem.

A map that helps us understand many of the political problems that exist today, making it clear that human beings never seem to settle for what they have, they always need more.