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An exclusive application for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Termmetro Real Galaxy S4

Now we go to the Android world, more specifically to the Samsung Galaxy S4, a device that has a series of sensors that allow us to obtain information not available on other smartphones.

In this case we are presented with an application whose main function is to show the ambient temperature and humidity of the air using the sensors that this device incorporates.

Its manager, Juan Miguel Vargas, tells us:

It may seem like a simple thermometer application, but nothing is further from reality, since the Galaxy S4 incorporates some unusual sensors currently in mobile devices. Most thermometer applications, or those that show the temperature and that we can currently find on Google Play, as we all know, do so based on external data through APIs, and according to our location or location. In this case in question, in addition to all this, with this app you can directly consult temperature and humidity data as indicated by the sensors of the device, being able to contrast, for example, if we are in a room, at home , office, etc., the interior temperature with the exterior temperature at all times.

You can choose the thermometric unit, Celcius or Fahrenheit and we can choose the background image where the results are shown. The result, an app capture with a personalized background showing real and external temperature and humidity data, can be shared by email or social networks.

There are two versions published on Google Play, one free and the other paid. The Free version includes advertising, and the paid version, in addition to not having advertising, offers the option of adding some Widgets to our main screens of the device (such as the one that shows information on the day we are in, time, location and data of temperature, external humidity and temperature, etc.).

Links: Free version | Payment version