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An app to drive better in Madrid

mayo 23, 2020

From Kubide we are presented with Check N Go, an application created to make it easier to drive in Madrid, a city that has some restrictions that must be taken into account day by day.

Traffic problems, pollution alerts and restrictions in the central Madrid area are common in the capital of Spain, and this application will inform, among other things, the days when you cannot go to the Downtown area or drive through it with the car. It is possible at any time to inform the registration number of our car and see if we have the allowed passage in the city.

Without the need for registration, the application keeps the user informed about pollution levels, active protocols, circulation measures … they also activate scenarios, always remembering the different restrictions of movement through the city center with the car.

At Kubide they are dedicated to developing projects and carrying them out in order to conceptualize an idea and validate it until it grows. At the moment they have this new app available for android devices, although they are already working on the iOS version to be launched shortly.

More and more cities will apply this type of regulation. In South America, it has been common, for years, to see restrictions on the movement of cars based on their registration, and that strategy should always be supported by apps like checkandgo.