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An android alarm that goes off when we are near a specific point


WakeOnDest ( is a new Android application that we can use to configure alarms that are activated when we are close to a certain point. In their description they comment that it is ideal to wake up on the train when we are about to reach our destination, being possible to specify the warning radius in meters.

Compatible with old versions of Android, it is programmed so that it does not consume a lot of battery, being possible to use GPS or to deactivate it (although in the first case it improves the tip when it comes to detecting our location).

Colored markers, management of various alarms, operation with closed application, different map displays … simple, practical and free.

Recall that Google introduced its geographic location tool for mobile devices a few months ago, thus killing many projects that already offered such functionality, geolocated alarms have also been recently presented in Google Keep. That is one of the reasons why projects like WakeOnDest cannot rest on their laurels, it is necessary to constantly innovate to offer functions that Google cannot absorb. We will be attentive to the evolution of this application.