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An Alien with a Magnet arrives free also on Android

Maybe you remember the release of the game An Alien with a Magnet for iOS as early as August, a free platform-puzzle style game that soon received excellent reviews And it was described as one of the most charming and entertaining games of the year, mixing the simplicity of the platforms with beautiful and colorful graphics and adding elements of action, arcade and adventure.

So that Android users do not complain, we have the game for free on Android today. As in the iOS version, we will take control of an Alien in an alien ship that we will control and move using a magnet, with the objective being to return to our home planet. With this mechanic, we will pass through different levels that will be galaxies full of planets with all kinds of puzzles, black holes, locks and asteroids that will block our way home (to be exact, we have 45 levels to solve).

The basic game mode is adventure mode, but we can also access a bonus mode in which we will play competing with our friends, in case the campaign falls short. Of course, we will also have achievements to increase our score in Game Center.

If you want to play the game for free, you can make it available on iOS and GooglePlay – to play it on Mac or Windows Phone 8 we will have to pay 4.99 and 1.99, respectively.