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Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon’s virtual cloud desktop service, launches iPad app

Amazon WorkSpaces

Almost in the middle of last November, Amazon launched its Amazon WorkSpaces service ( within Amazon Web Services, in limited preview and accessible only by invitation, which is a desktop computing service managed in the cloud, focused on business environments, so that the managers of technological infrastructures of each corporation can establish the configurations so that end users can access a series of resources specifically enabled for them through the devices they want, be they computers laptops, Android tablets, Kindle Fire and iPad.

Well, as reported by TechCrunch, Amazon Workspaces today launched its application for iPad devices, thus joining the version available for Android devices, although the download is only available through the Amazon AppStore, not being available on Google Play.

In this way, being the iPad a device widely used in business environments, which according to Apple, is used by 94% of Fortune 500 companies and more than 85% of Global 500 are already in tests or directly using these devices, This release has its logic. In this way, the new application will allow users to access their spaces within Amazon Workspaces in limited preview using their iPad devices as cloud desktops on which they can perform a series of functions that are common in corporate environments, such as editing your own documents, the sending and receiving of email messages, access to a series of web applications, and much more, all under a Windows desktop interface.

Amazon Workspaces competes with solutions such as VWare although offering more competitive prices than the competition, and can even be as much as half, starting at $ 35 per user per month with a virtual CPU and 50 GB of storage. The service is not yet available to the public.