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Amazon will start making deliveries using Drones (flying robots)


In the video you can see what Amazon has just presented: a fast delivery service using drones, guaranteeing the 30 minutes they will offer on their website.

It is a project called Amazon Prime Air and it will be ready during 2015 if it receives the approval of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

From a technology standpoint, we will be ready to go into commercial operation as soon as the necessary regulations allow. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is actively working on regulations for unmanned aerial vehicles […] Safety will be our top priority, and our vehicles will be built with multiple redundancies and designed to commercial aviation standards.

It was presented on the program 60 minutes a few hours ago, in an interview that you can see here, in which Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, has given the exclusive showing the video to the world, a video that brings us closer to a future out. of science fiction books and movies.

As you can see, the object, after being requested on the web, arrives at the tapes to end in a drone that is waiting, configured to arrive in the right direction by flying (literally speaking).

In the press release you can see some photos of the devices. Here we leave you with one of them: